Cambodian Rock Band: Original Cast Recording

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Cast recording of New York's Signature Theatre production of Cambodian Rock Band

This darkly funny, electric new play with music tells the story of a Khmer Rouge survivor returning to Cambodia for the first time in thirty years, as his daughter prepares to prosecute one of Cambodia’s most infamous war criminals. Backed by a live band playing contemporary Dengue Fever hits and classic Cambodian oldies, this thrilling story toggles back and forth in time as father and daughter face the music of the past.

  1. Jeas Cyclo - The Cyclos / Yol Aularong 

  2. Uku - The Cyclos / Dengue Fever  

  3. Old Pot Still Cooks Good Rice - The Cyclos / Ros Sereysothea  

  4. Family Business - The Cyclos / Dengue Fever  

  5. One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula - The Cyclos / Dengue Fever  

  6. Cement Slippers - The Cyclos / Dengue Fever  

  7. Champa Battambang - The Cyclos / Sinn Sisamouth 

  8. Sni Bong - The Cyclos / Dengue Fever  

  9. Tooth & Nail - The Cyclos / Dengue Fever  

  10. I'm Sixteen - The Cyclos / Ros Sereysothea  

  11. Jeas Cyclo - The Cyclos / Yol Aularong  

  12. Today I Learnt to Drink - The Cyclos / Ros Sereysothea